Email is the Devil's preferred means of correspondence

Out of all the things to come out of the 1970s this is the worst and yes that includes Richard Nixon.

Tim Webster

4 minute read

Email is the world’s worst nightmare and everyone knows it. I’m sure there are some biased sources out there that will tell you it’s the primary vector for malware infections and fraud and they’ll try to give you some suspicious percentage to quantify their shady findings, increase FUD, and drive revenue. I’m here to tell you two things; 1) to hell with those charlatan snake oil salesmen and 2) they’re probably pretty close to correct.

A Documentary of Failure

How to blow it every time, but, hey, ya learned something.

Tim Webster

2 minute read

Welcome aboard - I can’t promise it will be an exciting ride but hopefully we’ll have a few laughs along the way. I’m going to cover a ton of shit (with a little luck) over the next few years and along with that I’m hoping we can all learn a thing or two. Things like; why it’s a totally useless effort to try to run a mail server from your house, how I plan on capturing network traffic and forensic evidence on honeypots, setting up Guacamole which will, absolutely guaranteed, get my whole network owned as fuck.